I’m an author in love with creating and manipulating worlds with twists and turns to make things interesting.  I tend to gravitate to the nonhuman, sci fi and fantasy genres, but if you’ve read my Isaac series, then you know that good old fashioned humanity works just as well!

Why Nulli Para Ora?  It’s Latin for “nothing by mouth.”  My stories are recited in the oral tradition and with my medical background, NPO was an important detail that makes the name my own secret double entendre.

I plan to keep the site updated with information on my stories, works in progress, previews and teasers.  Stop by often and be sure to comment!

Need to reach me?  Send an email to NulliParaOra@gmail.com.  You can also follow me on Twitter @NulliParaOra

Curious about the elf image in my header?  It was created by Fydbac.  Check out her awesome portfolio here: http://fydbac.daportfolio.com

Now sit back, turn down the lights and relax.

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