Angst is on the rise in this addition to the sequel!


I’ve been married for the last 26 years to my wonderful husband, Roy. We live in my hometown of New London, CT.

My writing career began in junior high, around the 7th grade. A fact that my fellow students adored but often got me called down to the Guidance Counselor’s Office to discuss the adultness of my stories. While the experience was never pleasant, I was not deterred by the counselors’ worries I was spurred onward by them, as well as by my teachers, and my classmates, I continued to hone my craft throughout those formative years.

Today I bring conflict, passion, love, and suspense to unique couples through  full length novels. I’m never one to shy away from the less pleasant things in life, and instead I believe that it is in the Darkness where Character is created, determined, and defined, my heroes and heroines have their love tested by demons from within and without.

My latest series “OF WAR” began in November, 2010 with http://www.moonsmusings.com/lbdarling/heartofwar The Heart of War, an erotic paranormal thriller. This series centers around Ares God of War and Magdalena MacLeod a half-fey half-human woman with whom Ares falls in love.  The second novel in this series http://www.moonsmusings.com/lbdarling/childofwar Child of War-A God is Born is available in paperback and e-book formats. The white snows of Olympusrun red with blood after the birth of Ares and Alena’s son, Raven. The short story enhancement http://www.moonsmusings.com/lbdarling/holiday Christmas Eve on Olympus gives the reader a glimpse into the first Christmas Eve ever on Mount Olympus http://www.moonsmusings.com/lbdarling/risingson Child of War-Rising Son, the third novel in this series is available now!

Among some of my other latest published works is the non-fiction books are: http://www.moonsmusings.com/lbdarling/window.html A Window to Magickal Herbalism, where I seek to share my knowledge in the hopes of aiding those beginning their journey on this path. This book is written in easy to understand language and guides the beginner through the processes ofpurchasing, storing, drying herbs, harvesting from the wild, terms/definitions, tools you will need in your practice, a chapter on candle magick and candle colors, informationfor making your own herbal remedies, oils, and much more.

Book available in e-book and paperback.

http://www.moonsmusings.com/lbdarling/sex.html Sex, Magick, Love, is my guide to engaging in ritual sex, harnessing sexual energy for use in spells and includes instructions for a full two-hour ritual sex experience for partners, groups, and those flying solo.  Also includes a chapter on Love Magick, the difference between the two, and a few spells to attract more love into your life as well as that special someone who’s caught your eye.

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On the verge of manhood, Raven’s rampage continues as he begins the difficult path to Acceptance by his fellow Olympians.  Out to prove he’s as good, if not better than, any of them he bests the Trials set before him by Hades and Poseidon.  This isn’t enough for him, in his quest to prove to his Father, Ares, that he is an Olympian Raven preys upon the Mortals below Olympus in a time of great weakness. Settling for nothing less than Chaos, he enlists the aid of his Uncle Apollo and pushes the Mortals to pure anarchy when a global financial crisis leaves the entire world destitute, in ruins, and at each other’s throats.Ready to conquer his Trials, take his place at the Counsel Table, and bring Ares the glory Cernunnos once prophesized, only one thing stands in his way; the night his Mother fell down the stairs.

Alena, her body asleep in Ares’ bed for four long years, is lost deep in the clutches of a never-ending dream induced by Morpheus. After years of living an illusion and becoming Morpheus Wife, Alena discovers his deception and struggles to escape her prison.  Morpheus has no intentions of ever letting her go. He’ll fight to the death to keep her.

Apollo, ever the Man Behind the Curtain, pulls Raven’s strings like a true puppet master. It’s far too late when Raven realizes all he’s done to please his Father actually makes Ares look guilty of destroying the Mortal World. A little Chaos and a little Anarchy aren’t enough for the Golden God, in his on-going quest to destroy Ares, Apollo sets a plague loose upon the Earth. A bio-chemical weapon stolen from the United States Government at Area 51, known commonly as Major Falls.  By the time the Olympians discover what’s going on twenty million people are dead with the number multiplying exponentially every day.

With only one option left to each of them, Raven and Alena turn to their unlikeliest of enemies– Aphrodite and Apollo for help. One night in the bed of the Goddess of Love can be painful but one night in the bed of the Golden God can kill and destroy all that Ares and Alena have built and endured. To ensure that her beloved Husband and her Son are not put to death she may have no other choice.

Child of War – Rising Sun picks up with Raven as he rises into manhood.  The juxtaposition of the modern world with the presence of the Olympians is fascinating.  What made you decide to blend the old and new in this way?

I think of it more as a melding than as a juxtaposition. When I was younger (much much younger) I loved ‘period pieces’, especially ones that had to do with female pirates or set in the Victorian Era. Oh, they were great! But eventually they lost their appeal for me and I became more interested in living in the present rather than the past.  However, I never lost my affection for the ‘old’. I still adore antiques, I’d rather live in an ‘old’ house (perferrably one that’s haunted!) than in ‘new construction’. I’d rather go to an estate/yard sale/flea market than any department store.  When I sat down with The Big Guy to write “The Heart of War” I knew we were going to be in the present but surrounded by the past…cuz that’s way I like it. 🙂  I knew we didn’t want to do anything silly/fluffy such as having the Olympians in the local Mall or at Victoria Secret or doing their grocery shopping, nothing mundane. The Big Guy (you could call him ‘Ares’ if you like, I call him the ‘Muse’ but he really like being called ‘The Big Guy’, strokes his ego…LOL) came up with the idea of the island. There are 1400 islands that make up Greece, some of them inhabited and some of them not. Some of them modern and some of them very much ‘old school’.  That’s how we first blended the two, things are ‘old school’ on the Island and, later, on Olympus, but they are all still part of the Modern World even though most of the Olympians don’t have any use for it any longer. The Modern World has turned its back on them and they have done the same.

We’ve watched Raven grow through the series, what or who inspired his character?

I have two daughters, 26 and 21, a good deal of Raven of is them on an Olympic level.  Each one of Raven’s outbursts has been inspired, at least in part, by something my girls have done.  Then The Big Guy and I over layered what he was probably like as a child to make Raven a full-fledged, if not full-blooded, Olympian. Mortal teenagers are willful, stubborn, sneaky,sly, cunning, and will do/say nearly anything to get their way. Raven is no different, he’s just on a much grander scale.

I’m a mortal in Raven’s world.  How could I convince him to spare me in his quest to prove himself?

That’s a hard one, Raven is still finding his heart, his soul, even his conscience.  Science tells me that the human brain, most especially the frontal lobe, isn’t fully developed until one becomes 25 or so. Until then, we’re simply designed to screw up. To be self-centered and stubborn. In Mortal Years Raven is around 12 but, as Olympians develop he’s more like 18-19.  Getting him to spare your life isn’t easy if he really wants you dead.  If you’re just a minor annoyance, like any 18-19 year-old red blooded male, I imagine sex will work with him. At least in the short term.

Raven brings a date home for the first time.  What questions would Ares and Alena ask?   Would they be suspicious?  Excited?  Angry?

Wow, we haven’t gotten to this one yet, although in a strange way we’re going to. Raven will actually fall in and love and get married while being exiled from his Parents. They won’t meet Lenora until after she’s given birth to their Daughter, Maggie. Raven names her after his Mother, Magdalena MacLeod or Alena as Ares calls her.  Alena will have a major problem with it, in fact it will be part of the catalyst for the last book in the series, “Spoils of War”.  But, let’s not talk about that just yet.

Let’s talk about you!  Who’s your favorite character in the Of War series?

Ares, The Big Guy, I fell in love with him years ago long before “The Heart of War” was ever written.  I love 1-a large man, 6foot or over to start, 2-he’s gotta be tall dark and handsome. Blondes have little chance with me and Red Heads (yes, my own kind!) have near 0 chance. 3-he’s gotta be an alpha, betas need not apply.  I love a strong forceful man. Not cruel, not crude, just confident and…reow! Yeah, baby!  The God of War fills the bill for me.

You started writing at a young age and you’ve grown into a prolific published author.  Have you encountered any occupational hazards being a novelist?

I hate talking about my writing. Literally…speaking. I’ll write about my writing all day long but don’t walk up and ASK me about it. I shut down. That’s been ok up until this June when I got a new job and suddenly my name was being googled left and right by people right here in CT and I knew it was job related because I’m the web mistress for my new job. People hit my work site that I built for my new employer then they would Google me and hit my PERSONAL website,  The site used to be much racier then what you see now and the change was inspired by some unease at my new job. Yes, you can blame them for the ‘tame’ site you see now., Needless to say, it wasn’t long before my new boss started asking; Ah, so what is it that you do on your off time? Some people are curious.

My silent answer was something like; Yeah, I know, and if they’re REALLY as curious as my site stats indicate…they should BUY A BOOK!

Of course, I didn’t say that.

I just told my boss that I already knew there was a tremendous amount of curiosity being generated from my new position and, if anyone had questions, they obviously knew how to email me personally or they could keep Googling me. Good/Bad/Ugly/Beautiful/Indifferent….I have nothing to hide and no place to hide it!

Eventually, after a bit more hoopla, the curiosity died down. The hits stopped coming. I was, more or less, accepted by my new compatriots.

Do you set a daily writing goal?

I used to before the new job.  At my old job it was possible for me to write from about 1:30pm to 4:30pm uninterrupted.  Now I work 8am-2pm and my job is busy. At my old job it was possible to eek some writing time in here and there but not at the new one. By the time I get home I’m wired, it takes until 2:30-3:00, at the earliest, for me to even be ‘in the mood’ to write. By the time I get started, if I get started, I have 1.5 hours to come up with something and about 1/2 way through I have to begin answering The Age Old Question: What’s For Dinner?  My husband is a powerful magnet and I am pure steel around him, after dinner I just want to snuggle and watch TV with him then go upstairs and get a bit more intimate.  Lately, I try to set aside the weekend for writing time.  I don’t have a goal as far as word-count goes, but as far as where I want to be/where we should be when we stop, yes, I have a goal.  I usually meet it sometimes unexpectedly.  Sometimes we’re able to go past it.

What challenges have you faced as a self-published author?

Everything!  Even though it’s far more empowering than traditional publishing, it’s all daunting. I’m my own publisher, crappy editor, graphic designer, web designer, formatter, PR person, it’s a lot of work. I stopped doing this with any expectation of garnering a huge ‘fan base’ or making any type of ‘serious money’ at it.  Writing fiction for pay is a fool’s game. I am no fool.  I have gone back to doing it just for fun, for joy, for pleasure, and just because it’s what I do.

Do you have any advice for writers who are considering the self-publishing route?

Like I said, it’s a lot of work. If you’re doing it because you think you’re going to be an ‘overnight sensation’ or you’re going to ‘get rich’, this isn’t your game.  If you’re doing it because you’ve been rejected by tons of traditional-real-world publishing houses but you have faith in your work, you KNOW in your gut and your heart you have something of value to say and to give this world…go for it! Get educated. Get smart. There’s a wealth of information, FREE don’t pay for it!  Then get out there and do it your way, whatever that is.

Is there anything else that you’d like readers to know?

I am working as fast as I can on “Child of War-Rising Son”! I know I’m late. I’m so sorry, I throw myself on your mercy and beg you to be patient until Halloween when, even if it kills me, it WILL be available in signed hard cover and signed paperback.

Thanks so much for being with us, Lisa!  Questions, comments? You know what to do!