Is any desire truly forbidden?  Let’s find out!


Jessica Jordan lives in the mountains of Colorado with her husband and two kids. She loves reading and writing, as well as gaming, trying new food, sushi, and comic book/graphic novels.


Taken off the streets of San Francisco and forced into slavery for a Chinese ship’s captain, Diana Marke thought she’d never see her husband or infant son again, if she lived long enough to return to America. She never imagined the husband she trusted could commit murder, much less conspire to end her life and that of their child. Neither did she consider the vile man who captured her could ever be more than a criminal in her eyes.

Shang cursed himself for ever thinking he could do business with Diana’s scheming husband and come out unscathed. Thousands of dollars lost and a possible murder added up to more trouble than a beautiful, spoiled white woman could possibly be worth at auction. She defied him at every turn and enflamed his passion until she filled his every thought. Though he tried to keep her safe and showed her more kindness than any other master, would she ever see him as anything other than a monster?

Not only is Diana kidnapped, but she’s forced into a life of servitude.  What time period is Forbidden Desires set in?

Forbidden Desires is set in the early 1870’s.

Your heroine’s world has been torn asunder on every level, was it hard to put her through so much turmoil?

Actually, I really like a lot of angst in my stories so it was hard to NOT put her through more. Since I have two young children, I know how I would feel if I was separated from them and what I would do to get them back, which is anything and everything.

The emotions in this book are raw and strong.  What inspired you to write this tale?

Actually, I started writing the story in 2008 and I had no idea about ebooks at the time. I was so sick of mainstream romance and the lack of interracial couples that I decided to just write my own book. Most of the books I read had the hero always being half-Native American, for example, never full-blooded. In mainstream romance, the most recent interracial books feature African-American or Latino characters. When I decided to publish my story, I knew that I couldn’t go through traditional channels. That’s how I discovered ebook publishing.

When Diana looks back, she sees a love that was a lie.  When she looks forward she sees a man she doesn’t trust.  With all that she’s been through, what’s her ideal man?

I think Diana discovers things about herself due to the situation she’s found herself in. It has changed her beliefs and ways of thinking that were society norms for the time period. She was happy with her husband Jonathan because she hadn’t had anything better. While her situation with Shang isn’t exactly better for her, it allows her to open up her mind a little more. Once she did that it was easier to get closer to him.

Shang appears to be a man who’s willing to do anything to get what he wants.  What does a woman have to do to hold his attention?

Well, he’s never had a wife or a lover before. The only women he ‘gets with’ sexually are prostitutes, specifically one woman, in a port he docks in. He doesn’t like losing control or being a slave to his physical desires, but he isn’t a monk so he does indulge every now and then. He marks a difference between Diana and the other slaves he’s known and that’s why he treats her differently. All in all, I think Shang’s ideal woman is someone who is very different than anything he has ever known. Diana’s exoticness is what drew him to her at first and then he developed stronger feelings later.

A man who makes a deal to enslave others doesn’t sound like the sensitive type.  How would Shang “sweet talk” a woman?

Ha ha! Hmmm. That’s a hard one. Shang is more of a doer than a talker. He does little and big things here and there to show that he cares about her. Come to think about it, I don’t think he actually says anything sweet until the very end. I think I wrote Shang that way because I much prefer actions to words. A lot of people say things and don’t follow through. Once I trust the person though, I love sweet-talkin’!

The setting of this story is interesting.  As a Coloradoan, how did you visualize San Francisco and Shang’s ship?  Did you have to do a lot of research?

I’ve always wanted to go to San Francisco, but I’ve had to settle for driving through it when I lived in California. That’s why I didn’t spend much time in the story in that city. But, I did research pictures of San Francisco from that time period and hopefully there are no glaring errors. The ship was a little harder because I found as I was writing the story that I didn’t know enough details about it. The decision to write Shang with an accent or not was hard enough, but I didn’t want to go around calling the forecastle the hold or the galley the mast. I do think I took liberties with Shang’s quarters. Since he basically lives on his ship, I wrote him as having possibly larger rooms than a real life captain would actually have.

You mentioned your love of games and graphic novels, are you ever inspired by them?

I do love gaming and graphic novels, as well as comic books. I love the visuals and sometimes wish that novels could have artistic drawings like them. I haven’t been inspired yet by a graphic novel, but I do sometimes draw out my characters.

If you were going to create your ideal game character, what would she be like?  What would her story be?  Abilities/Powers?

I love, love, love RPG (role-playing games) which allows you to build your own characters. I’m a customization freak. I love the warrior or superhero games where you can acquire costumes, powers, and weapons. My favorite PS3 games (because I have a PS3) are the Assassin’s Creed games, Elder Scrolls, Two World’s II, Mortal Kombat, Batman Arkham Asylum and City, and the Marvel Ultimate Alliance games. I have a laptop which is horrible for PC games, but hopefully I’ll realize my dream of buying a Dell Alienware gaming laptop with my tax returns. Then it’s on!

My ideal character wouldbe a superhero (woman) with telekinesis, telepathy, psionic blasts, flight, and superhuman strength. Kind of like a cross between Ms. Marvel and Jean Grey.

That would be an awesome character!  Is there anything else that you’d like readers to know?

Thank you so much for having me!

Thanks for being here, Jessica!  Forbidden Desires is available now.

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