The Selkie is available now at e-booksellers everywhere!  Want to know more about this unique tale?  Let’s dive right in!

After reading your blurb, I’m intrigued!  What inspired The Selkie

I’ve always been inspired by mythology of all sorts. I’ve read selkie stories for years, but never really delved into them in great detail. A while back, I read old Scottish myths about the people left behind when a selkie lover leaves. The legends tell us that if you find a discarded selkie pelt, that selkie is obliged to pleasure you. As long as you keep the pelt hidden from the shape shifter, he/she is your willing sex slave. However, selkies will always want to return to the sea that is their home. If the selkie finds his pelt, he’s outta there. There are evocative tales of human women who’ve been left behind, yearning for their lost, immortal selkie lover. I thought that would make a great and sexy book.

Maggie Collins sounds like most of us when we feel like the world is out to get us.  What do you want readers to learn from her?

Most of all, I wanted to write a heroine who is at her lowest. She’s lost everything, and in some way, we can all relate to that feeling. Despite that, Maggie continues. She may have lost all hope, and may be doubting her sanity as soon as mysterious Calan arrives on the scene, but she doesn’t give up. She is loyal and quirky and devoted, and I think we can all use those traits. She is also ultimately willing to take a huge leap of faith and believe in her selkie man, and I think we could all use a bit of that too!

Calan Kirk piqued my interest.  A human isn’t supposed to be his type, but what’s his ideal? 

Calan likes women…lots of women. As much as being “captured” annoys him from time to time, he really loves his vocation of pleasuring women. Calan loves them full-figured and rounded and soft. He loves a bonny face and a melodic voice. Human or selkie, he’s bedded his share. The one thing that tears him to shreds though, is to see a woman cry. When he sees Maggie cry the first time, he blanches, it hurts him so much. He talks a big talk, but he’s a big softie where she’s concerned!

Let’s shift gears a bit.  If Calan showed up at your book club, could you name five titles that would interest him?  How about Maggie? 

Haha- great question! Well, our boy Calan is rather fun-loving, but I don’t think he’d like romance novels. I see him more as an action man. His 5 titles would be:

– The Bourne Identity
– The Hunger Games (Calan eats a lot)
– Poseidon’s Arrow by Clive Cussler
– The Da Vinci Code
-and Barry Manilow’s autobiography (read the book and you’ll understand)

As for our dear Maggie:

– Creatures of the Night
– The Shape-Shifter’s Curse
– Mermen and Selkie Folk Explained
– Supernatural Creatures for Dummies
– The Kama Sutra- she needs to keep up with Calan!

Most readers know that you are a well-established author.  What inspired you to start writing? 

Nulli, God bless you for saying “well-established.” I’m quoting you!! LOL. Thanks I have a few books under my belt now and couldn’t be happier with some of the feedback I’ve had. However, I was a late bloomer with writing. I always knew I wanted to do it, needed to do it. Still, it wasn’t until about ten years that I actually tried putting pen to paper for something other than school essays. I realized I had to try because the stories and people in my head needed out!

Did you learn anything new or surprising when you wrote, The Selkie

Actually yes. The Selkie began its life as a novella originally, one with a lot of faults. When I realized I wanted to submitted it to Liquid Silver Books, I set about lengthening it to become about 60K words. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. It was really tricky going from a short, established framework and making the story longer and more complex. Because it had all been quite tidy, it was difficult to wrap my head around making it longer. I had no idea where to take the story. It’s easier for me to sit down and write 60K new words, because you’re working from a blank slate.

I know we’d all love to see more if this story.  Will you indulge us with an excerpt? 

Absolutely! Thanks.

As she reached the top landing, she poked her head down the hallway. Calan had left the bathroom door wide open, and she wasn’t sure if it was done on purpose or not. Either way, she meandered toward it, called by the sound of the coursing water and his voice.

He was singing in the shower. That song by the Stones, the one about the devil. She approached, catching garbled bits about the nature of his game, making her wonder if Lucifer himself was in Gran’s shower stall.

She reached the bathroom door, and her gaze flew to the frosted shower curtain, the one that did very little to hide certain details. She could still make out the long, hard length of him, could see the tempting color of his lips and the thick ropes of hair. And she could imagine each drop as it traveled over his sculpted arms and legs and his perfect behind.

She needed to get out of there pronto before he caught her. She turned.


Too late.

As she listened to the scrape of the curtain rings on the rod, she felt a shiver of anticipation tickle her spine. She turned back to face him, as ripples of want shook her being. He stood there, unashamed, his eyes hooded and hungry.

“Would you pass me a towel, love?”

She did, hastily, and then froze.

He quickly dried himself off and wrapped his lower half in the terry cloth. He got out of the shower, his gaze always on her, and moved past her. “Your turn. If you’d like, I could stay to hand you a towel when you’re done.”

If you could, would you change anything about The Selkie? 

No. I am pleased with it. I love the journey my characters went on, and love who they are. They speak to me, and I can only hope they speak to others as well. Hopefully I’ll be able to visit with them if I write stories about Calan’s selkie brothers!

Is there anything else you’d like readers to know? 

Just that I truly appreciate being here with you, Nulli, and thank all my readers for their terrific support and enthusiasm!

Thank you so much for stopping by, Rosanna.  I’m looking forward to reading this book!  Have questions for Ms. Leo?  Put them in the comments!