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The existence of vampires was made known and accepted three centuries ago.  Since that time, humans and vampires have existed in an uncomfortable peace.  The Sanguis Custodes was formed long ago as an organization with one purpose, to keep vampires from feeding on humans.  Is it truly possible for a vampire to deny their nature?

Amion Valarian and Aelric Hallan have lived for centuries as vampires.  Even though they work openly with the Sanguis Custodes to accomplish their mission, they work surruptitiously to sate the needs of their nature.  Everything went according to plan, until the day a mysterious woman was awakened in their care.

Now the vampires must discover her background, determine how she obtained her unique powers, protect her identity and keep her safe while vampire factions rise up around them.  Will the Sanguis Custodes discover the truth?  Will the powers of the woman they protect help them or hurt them?

The way humans perceive vampires hangs in the balance.  A bloody war or continued peace in ignorance will be determined by the unlikeliest of allies.